As part of the campus community, it is Bama Wesley’s general policy to open our building to anyone regardless of whether they park with us on game day. We offer air conditioning, restrooms, a convenient meeting space near the stadium, and occasional public tailgates with food available for purchase.

Please note that, while it is our general policy to be open to the public, Bama Wesley reserves the right to restrict access to those parking with us for security or other concerns.

Facility Hours

Our building opens at the same time as our parking lot (generally the earlier of 10am or 3 hours before kickoff) and will remain open at least until one hour after the game ends. For major games such as homecoming or the Iron Bowl, or for games beginning at noon or earlier, we may extend these hours.

Emergency Contact

A member of Bama Wesley’s game day team is on-site at least until kickoff. If you have any concerns during that time, please visit the check-in station at the entrance to the parking lot.

If there is a concern that requires immediate attention after kickoff, please call (205) 517-8097.