If you will not be attending a game, you are welcome to share your permit with a friend, family member, or another person of your choosing (“guest user”). In order to ensure a safe and enjoyable game day experience for everyone at Bama Wesley, please note the following:

  • To expedite check-in, you can let us know by completing a permit sharing notification that someone else will use your permit. While this is not required for guest users who will have your physical permit with them, it is strongly recommended.
  • Any vehicle using your permit must fit entirely within a parking space and be able to safely navigate through the lot and access your assigned zone. In the event that the vehicle using your permit does not meet these requirements, Bama Wesley reserves the right, in our discretion, to either refuse entry to the lot or relocate the vehicle to an alternate zone with available spaces for a minimum relocation fee of $50 due prior to parking. Bama Wesley is not responsible for damage sustained to guest vehicles who are unable to safely access your assigned zone, and you may be responsible for damage sustained to other vehicles.
  • It is not required but is strongly recommended that the guest user possess the physical permit when they arrive at check-in. If the physical permit will not be in their possession, you must complete a permit sharing notification by 6pm on the Friday before the game which they will be attending. Entry to the lot will be refused to anyone who does not possess a valid permit and for whom we have not received a permit sharing notification.
    • Guest users who will not have a physical permit must arrive more than 3 hours before kickoff. After that time we are unable to guarantee that they will be allowed through the checkpoints set up by the University on streets surrounding Bama Wesley, and are unable to provide assistance in the event they are not allowed through a checkpoint.
    • If you notify us that someone will be using your space but will not have your physical permit, your physical permit will be invalid for parking during that game. If a vehicle using your physical permit is found on Bama Wesley property and you have not notified us of a change by emailing gameday@bamawesley.org, the vehicle will be towed at owner’s expense.