Season Reservations

Full refunds will be issued if requested by July 31. Refunds requested after that date will be prorated for any games remaining in the season  with a minimum of one game, and will be subject to a service charge of 15% of the original amount paid. Refunds will not be issued if a parking space is unavailable due to a late arrival. Refunds will only be issued for the remainder of the season, and individual games cannot be canceled for a refund.

Payment Plans


If you choose to use a payment plan for your reservation, any refund will be less the nonrefundable deposit amount described in the terms of the payment plan at checkout regardless of when the refund is requested. If the refund is requested on or prior to July 31, any payment in excess of the minimum deposit will be refunded. If the refund is requested on or after August 1, the refund will be the amount paid in excess of the deposit amount prorated for all remaining games in the season with a minimum of one game.  As with season reservations paid in full, refunds will only be issued if the reservation for the remainder of the season is cancelled.


All season reservations must be paid in full by 11:59pm Central Time on July 31 each year. Reservations which are unpaid after that time are subject to immediate cancellation with refunds only issued as described in this policy. Extensions to this deadline are at the discretion of Bama Wesley management and may require the payment of a late fee.

Single-Game Reservations

Full refunds will be issued if the reservation was made at least 48 hours before kickoff and requested within 24 hours of the reservation being made. If you are unable to attend the game and do not notify us within that time frame, we will apply the amount paid as a credit towards a future reservation within the same season, subject to applicable differences in the reservation cost. Any unused credit will be forfeited if not used by the end of the season in which the original reservation was made. For purposes of this policy, A-Day is considered the final game of the season.

Neither refunds nor credit will be issued for no-shows. For purposes of this policy, a reservation is considered a no-show if it has not been canceled 45 minutes prior to kickoff by calling or emailing us.

Safe Parking

It is your responsibility to notify our team if you do not believe you can safely park in your assigned zone. If this is the case, Bama Wesley will, in our discretion, either provide an alternate parking zone or issue a refund.  If we choose to issue a refund, it will not be subject to the aforementioned restrictions provided that any restrictions related to the size or other considerations of your vehicle were accurately represented when you registered your vehicle.

If you purchased a reservation in zone 1 or 2 and it is necessary to move you to another zone, we will refund the difference in price between the two zones.

Changes to Reservations

In the event that you change your reservation after payment has been remitted such that a credit exists on the reservation record, we will be happy to issue a refund for the credit amount if the change is made and credit requested by emailing by July 31. After that date we are unable to issue refunds due to zone changes, but may be able to accommodate zone changes based on availability.

While we make every effort to avoid this being necessary, in the event that you are asked and agree to change your assigned zone to one with a lower rate than the zone you requested when making your reservation, we will be happy to provide a refund of the difference regardless of when we request the change. In the event that such a change is made after the first game of the season, the refund will be prorated accordingly. This provision shall not apply if we ask you to move to a new zone due to concerns about your vehicle’s ability to navigate through and park in your assigned zone, or as described in our permit sharing policy.

Any refund amount shall be limited to the difference between the standard reservation rates for the zone requested when making your reservation and your reassigned zone, provided that the amount paid for your original reservation is greater than or equal to the standard rate in your reassigned zone.

Returned Payments

Bama Wesley will make an effort to contact you to resolve any returned payments prior to cancelling your reservation. Our general policy is to allow a seven day grace period for the matter to be resolved from the time that we are notified by our bank or payment processor that your payment was returned, provided that this may be extended if there is ongoing arbitration related to the returned payment. This grace period may be lengthened or reduced by Bama Wesley’s management at our discretion, provided that if it is shortened you will be advised in writing by email and allowed not less than 24 hours to resolve the matter.

In the event that we are assessed any fees by our bank or payment processor due to your returned payment, you will be responsible for the reimbursement of those fees in order for your balance to be considered paid. Bama Wesley reserves the right to assess additional fees in our discretion and subject to applicable state and federal laws.

If the balance of the returned payment, as well as any fees assessed to us by our bank or payment processor, is not paid in full within the grace period, Bama Wesley reserves the right to cancel your reservation without further notice. Bama Wesley further reserves the right to require that the final balance, including any fees, be paid using a guaranteed payment method such as a credit card, debit card, cashier’s check, or similar instrument.

Any subsequent returned payments may result in the immediate cancellation of your reservation without further notice. The availability and length of any grace period for subsequent returned payments is at the sole discretion of Bama Wesley’s management and is not subject to the provisions described previously in this policy.

Any refunds issued due to a returned payment will be consistent with our general refund policy, and will be less any fees assessed to us by our bank or payment processor.

Changes to This Policy

Bama Wesley reserves the right to update this policy at any time with or without notice, and such changes shall be applicable to any existing reservations.