Please note that the following streets which may affect access to Bama Wesley are closed at least 3 hours before kickoff, and often earlier for major games:

  • University Boulevard from Second Avenue to Campus Drive West
  • Bryant Drive from Hackberry¬†Lane to 12th Avenue (closed from 12th Avenue to 10th Avenue at 8am on game day)
  • Hackberry Lane from Bryant Drive to University Boulevard

Once these roads are closed, you will be required to present your permit for access to Bama Wesley. If you do not have a permit, it is at the discretion of law enforcement to allow you access to closed streets. If your season permit is lost or stolen, or if you do not have a season permit, and will be arriving within 3 hours of kickoff, please email or call (205) 517-8097 as soon as possible. Please note that our ability to provide assistance in clearing roadblocks will be limited after 3pm on the Friday before game day.

For more details on road closures, please see “On-Campus Road Closures” at UA Gameday. The location of roadblocks can be viewed on the pre-game traffic map.